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A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to spend a few hours with a Hockey Legend.  Although I’m not a hockey fan I still felt privileged to be able to speak with and document a charity event featuring Gordie Howe.

It was truly incredible to see how much effect this man had on the lives of now men and the effect he still has on the kids of today.  I watched person after person step up to have their moment with Gordie where I captured them with one of their childhood heroes for a brief moment.  The most amazing thing about each person’s time in the light was how personal each experience was.  I was awestruck that each person had an experience that was uniquely his or hers.  This sporting icon made every face light up because he took the time to make it personal.  As the event went on there were stories of how Mr. Hockey had impacted many of the people in the room over the years.  As I photographed the guests at this event I watched as 40,50, 60,70 year old men turned into wide eyed boys looking at pictures and watching shows on the history that Gordie had made over the years.  Watching the moments took me back to stories that my father told me of his childhood where he would sit and listen to the games on the radio as the “production line” would race down the ice and pot another goal.

Out of the time I got to spend with all of these people with a common interest I really got to see why Heroes are so important in our lives.  They allow us to dream, they share a bit of themselves with everyone around them and never stop.  Most of all they bring us together and let us be kids again.   At the end of it all that’s really all we are, just sometimes it takes someone else to remind us of how big are eyes once got when we got to shake the hand of someone we looked up to.

Danika - June 5, 2012 - 1:44 am

That must have been such an amazing experience! You must feel honoured to have been there. You can tell by the photos that people were so in awe of this man!

Jeff Reitzel - June 5, 2012 - 1:45 am

Gordie Howe wasn’t one of my Hero’s growing up but sure has become one as an adult, he truely cares for all those around him

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